Catholic Church, Inc. follows the traditions outlined by the documents below and shares in the Universal Churchs' mission to serve the people of God.

Our member organizations espouse the rich history and traditions handed down from Jesus the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer to the Apostles and bring the "one holy catholic and apostolic Church" to those cast aside or disenfranchised.
"...the Son of Man did not come for other people to serve him. But the Son of Man came to serve other people."~ I Came to Serve and to Give - Mark 10:45

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We base our beliefs on the first seven councils of the Church:

Ecumenical Council Documents

  • First Ecumenical Council
        - Nicea, Asia Minor (325 A.D.)
        - Formulated the First Part of the Creed defining the divinity of the Son of God.

  • Second Ecumenical Council
        - Constantinople (381 A.D.)
        - Formulated the Second Part of the Creed, defining the divinity of the Holy Spirit.

  • Third Ecumenical Council
        - Ephesus, Asia Minor (431 A.D.)
        - Defined Christ as the Incarnate Word of God and Mary as Theotokos.

  • Fourth Ecumenical Council
        - Chalcedon, Asia Minor (451 A.D.)
        - Defined Christ as Perfect God and Perfect Man in One Person.

  • Fifth Ecumenical Council
        - Constantinople II (553 A.D.)
        - Reconfirmed the Doctrines of the Trinity and Christ.

  • Sixth Ecumenical Council
        - Constantinople III (680 A.D.)
        - Affirmed the True Humanity of Jesus by insisting upon the reality of His Human will and action.

  • Qinisext Council (Trullo)
        - Constantinople (692 A.D.)
        - Completed the 5th and 6th Ecumenical Councils.

  • Seventh Ecumenical Council
        - Nicea, Asia Minor (787 A.D.)
        - Affirmed the propriety of icons as genuine expressions of the Christian Faith.
Three Creeds of the Church
-The Apostles' Creed

-The Nicene Creed

-The Athanasian Creed

Declarations and Canons
-The Declaration of Utrecht (1889)

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