Catholic Church, Inc., Board of Consultors  

Right Reverend Joseph D Finnegan, CSFD, D.Min.
Bishop Emeritus of the OCCA
Bishop, Catholic Church, Inc
Guardian General, Companions of Saints Francis and Dominic
Pastor All Saints Catholic Community
Chaplain, St Raphael Oratory, Tallahassee FL

Rabbi Stan Garfein
Retired Rabbi
Temple Israel-Reform
Tallahassee, FL

Mrs. Hanna Hindawi
Working Mother
Hebrew Instructor
Berkeley, CA

Mrs. Mary Patricia Hooker
Working Mother
Editor and Analyst
Wilmington, NC

Most Reverend Roger LaRade, O.F.A.
Archbishop, L'Eglise Catholique Eucharistique-Eucharistic Catholic Church
Guardian-General, Order of Franciscans of the Annunciation of the Infinite Love of God
Pastor, Beloved Disciple Catholic Church, Toronto, Canada

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